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How much will it cost? 

Your employer will usually contribute to the costs of the advice.  In the vast majority of cases this will fully cover our costs.  However, in some cases, where there are extensive negotiations to achieve a more favourable settlement for you, we may need to increase our fee.  We will always tell you in advance if we need to increase our fee and we may be able to increase your employer's contribution. is a division of Ryan & Frost Solicitors 

Ryan & Frost Solicitors is regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  SRA No: 567483. 

Regulated Partners: W. Keith Ryan, SRA No:176539. Ann Frost, SRA No:136109 specialises in advising employees on Settlement Agreements and Compromise Agreements.

Do you need legal advice on a Settlement Agreement or Compromise Agreement in Liverpool?  

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